When To Contact Your Auto Insurance Agent

Your auto insurance agent is not just a simple salesman. It is a vital link between you and your insurance provider and it is your representative. This is why it is important to know when to contact your agent. Find out more in the following blog. Also, you can get online auto quotes for free, from our website. But first, check the common reasons for calling your agent:

  1. online auto quotesWhen you file a claim. This is the most obvious reason to contact your agent. The agent can even file the claim for you. The agent will note the details of the claim and a claims adjuster will contact you to start setting the claim.
  2. You have problems with the claim. If the claim settlement doesn’t go as smooth as you want, you can contact the agent and ask for additional help and advice. This happens a lot when there are communication problems. A good agent knows who to call and speed up the process.
  3. When you need to add or remove a driver. Before making important changes to your list of drivers, you should call the agent. The agent will help you with the process and will explain what documents are needed.
  4. When you need to add or remove a car. Whether you sold/bought a car or any other scenario, you will need someone to explain you more about adding/dropping coverage. Again, an agent will be very helpful and provide further guidance.
  5. Changing location. When you move, it is important to keep coverage and avoid lapses. It is important to talk with your current agent and explain that you move. If you are lucky and the current provider has coverage in your new location, then your agent will help you with your paperwork. And your agent can link you to agents of the same company available in your new location.

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