Get Your Car Ready For Spring!

Sunnier days are inbound. If you want to safely drive your car, then you must follow the next tips. Also, your car’s maintenance is crucial for your car insurance rate. Check our website to find out more about auto insurance and get car free insurance quote. But first, this is how you should get ready for spring:

  • car free insurance quoteClean the car thoroughly. If you live somewhere that has snow during winter, chances are there is some salt buildup on the under-body of your car. Clean this part of your vehicle in the beginning of spring, as salt and sand can lead to corrosion and rust problems. You can also let professionals clean your car. For $100 to $200, you can get the following services: vacuuming, shampooing, treating leather and plastic surfaces, and extracting all the ground in gunk from hard-to-reach places. Outside, a thorough washing will be accompanied by waxing, buffing, polishing, and a tire treatment.
  • Check the oil. When temperatures warm it may be a good idea to change your oil and filter. You should use a heavyweight oil in hotter weather. Getting an oil change can help improve your vehicles’ performance.
  • Check tire pressure and tread thickness. Early spring is a good time to examine your tires, especially if you switch from snow tires back to regular rubber. Worn tires are dangerous and can reduce fuel economy. Check user manual’s guidelines for tread wear.
  • Get new wiper blades. If the blades have been through a lot during winter, now you should change them.
  • Buy new floor mats. Winter is hard on floors mats, especially the common ones that are essentially hunks of carpet. Spring is always a good time to evaluate the condition of your existing floor mats and decide if it’s time to replace them. You can change them to custom-fitted version made of synthetic materials or rubber. These are easier to clear and don’t allow dirt, mud, and water to touch your car’s carpeting.

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