Medical Problems That Affect Driving

In order to enjoy a great ride, you must be both physically and mentally healthy.  When renewing driver’s license, you must notify the authorities of any existing long term medical condition. There are so many medical conditions that will make you ineligible for driving a car, but you should treasure your life first.  However, if you decide to drive, never forget to take the papers, including car insurance documents.  If you are not insured or you want to renew the policy, get free online car insurance quotes.

  1. Drive safetyEye problems. Sight is the most important sense when driving. Any disturbance or alteration of sight must be dealt with utmost care. You must visit the doctor and take some analysis. The most common eye problems that will impair you from driving are: myopia , glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, monocular vision or diplopia.
  2. Hearing problems. Hearing problems can be extremely dangerous, especially in traffic.  Being unable to hear high-pitched tones (sirens from emergency response vehicles, horns, railroad warnings) can be pretty risky.  Luckily, there are some treatments and devices available, but first you must identify the problem.
  3. Neurological and mental health conditions. Diseases like Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s syndrome will surely make any driver surrender his license. Also, people identified with dementia or schizophrenia will be unable to drive a car.
  4. Diabetes. This metabolic disease is causing several unpleasant symptoms for any driver: dizziness, sleepiness and loss of focus. Also, having hypoglycemia while driving is extremely dangerous.
  5. Heart diseases. If you had heart problems, especially heart attacks, you should probably cease driving until you get better. Consult with a cardiologist and hear his recommendations. People with cardiac problems can be quickly stressed by the traffic conditions, thus increasing the risk of unpleasant medical complications.

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