Steps For Reinstating Your Suspended License

Having your license suspended can cause you a lot of troubles, from getting late to work to missing doctor appointments and so on. Driver’s licenses can be suspended for a high number of reasons. Licenses can be suspended for things like drinking and driving (DUI) or driving without car insurance or not paying your bills.  Having your license suspended will certainly influence your car insurance costs. Find out how to reinstate your license. Also, if you need car insurance quotes, check our website.

la auto showHow long will have the license suspended depends on your state’s laws and the reason why it was suspended. However, the basic steps for reinstating it remain the same.

The first thing to do is to carefully read all the received documents, including the suspension notice. Keep this paperwork so you can use it as a reference throughout the process. Check if your local DMV has the correct email address, thus allowing you to receive notifications.

After that, you should take a defensive driving course.  However, keep in mind that not all states offer or require defensive driving courses in order to get your driver’s license reinstated.

Next, fill an SR 22 form. This will link your car insurance to the state so the state will know if you cancel your car insurance or change vehicles. The problem is that your insurance carrier may not be willing to accept this. Then you should switch your car insurance over to a high-risk insurance carrier. Shop around for high risk companies and compare multiple quotes. You can also get an non-owner SR 22 policy.  A non-owner’s car insurance policy is available to drivers who do not own a car and do not drive any vehicle regularly.

Do not forget to pay all your related fees, then submit notifications that you have followed all reinstatement’s steps.

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